What is the HughesNet Return Policy?


For HT2000W Lease customers: You must return your HughesNet modem, power supply, and radio in good condition within 45 days of cancellation date or be charged a $300 Unreturned Equipment Fee ($100 for the modem and power supply and $200 for the radio transmitter). Please be aware that after 45 days accounts may not be eligible for credits or fee reversals. This includes contested charges for un-returned equipment fees. View instructions on how to de-install and return your leased equipment here. You are not required to return, and Hughes is not obligated to de-install or pay for the de-installation of the antenna, mount, or any cables. If you have any modem model other than HT2000W you do not need to return. Please recycle with your local facility.

Call Customer Care at 866-347-3292 to start a return. Click here to review your Subscriber Agreement.