Instructions for accessing your HughesNet for Business Static IP address

As a HughesNet® for Business customer who has purchased a Static IP, you can easily access your static IP address from your System Control Center.

Step 1: Access through the web

   •  Open a web browser.

   •  In the browser address bar, type or and press Enter.

The System Control Center home page contains numerous links to satellite modem features and important information regarding operation of your satellite modem. Below is an image of the System Control Center home page.

Step 2: Find your Static IP

From the System Control Center homepage, navigate to the top and click on System Information.

Your static IP address will be listed in the Information box shown below.

Step 3 (recommended): Set Local Static IP

Click on WiFi Settings in the left navigation box.
You will be presented with a login screen, the default password is “admin”.
Click Login.
Notice that a new menu appears in the left panel.

Navigate to the left side panel. Click on LAN DHCP in the menu of options.

Next, click the COPY TO button found at the bottom of the screen. This will copy the MAC address of the intended device into the table.

Type a number between 2 to 254 in the last box of the IP address. Click Save Settings.

Example: The local Static IP can be set anywhere between through

Reboot your intended device.

Step 4 (required): How to set up Port Mapping

Navigate to the left side panel. Click on NAT in the menu of options.
Click on Port Mapping.

Assign one to three digit number between 2 to 254 (If you followed Step 3, use the same numbers) to the LAN IP Address column.

Next, enter your public and LAN port numbers. View commonly used network ports.

Click on Enable.
Click on Save Settings.
Exit the System Control Center.