What is the Usage Meter (formerly Status Meter)?

Track data usage in real time from your desktop. Learn more about how to install and use the Usage Meter.

Notice: The Usage Meter will no longer be supported after 8/1/2020. Download the Mobile App in the App store or Google Play to track data usage, purchase tokens and view your bill or visit myHughesNet.com

What is the Usage Meter?

The Usage Meter (formerly named Status Meter) is a great tool that allows you to track your data usage in real time. The Usage Meter’s design makes it easy to monitor your data usage. You can even see how your actual data usage compares to your expected usage for the current monthly data cycle, so you know when you’re running over the average. Also, a messaging section provides important alerts and news from HughesNet. And you can purchase Tokens if you need them, without leaving the Usage Meter.


How do I use the Usage Meter (Formerly Status Meter)?

The Usage Meter runs automatically in the background of your computer. Should you run low on data during your billing cycle, the Meter will alert you and prompt you to increase your data capacity with a Data Token. The Usage Meter also keeps you on target with your average data usage over time and days left in your data cycle.

You can find more information about using the usage meter here

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