Using the Usage Meter

The Usage Meter has five main tabs:

  • Main Tab (Usage Meter) 

  • Messages Tab

  • Usage History Tab

  • Settings Tab

  • Video Settings Tab

1) The Main Tab (Usage Meter) 

This tab displays: 

  • How much Service Plan Data you have used, and the percent of Data you have remaining for this cycle. 

  • How much free data you used during the Bonus Zone (2am-8am) and the remaining percent left in this cycle. 

  • How much data you have available from Data Tokens.

  • Service Plan Data usage statistics, including: 

    • When your cycle begins and ends. 

    • How much of your Service Plan Data you have used so far. 

    • How far into your cycle you are currently. 

    • Whether you are within the expected data usage amount. 

2) Messages tab

This tab alerts you to HughesNet bulletins, such as outage notifications, promotions, and product information.

3) Usage History tab

This tab displays a graph of your data usage over a selectable time period of 60 days, 30 days, 2 weeks, or 1 week. For any time period, the graph shows total data usage, and how much of that usage was from uploads and downloads. 

4) Settings tab

This tab contains configuration settings for the Usage Meter, including whether you want it to launch at computer startup and whether you want to use the default modem IP address. 

5) Video Setting tab

This setting will automatically stream videos in DVD quality, which uses less of your Data. When enabled, you can stream up to 3 times more videos. You can temporarily opt out of video data saver mode for up to 4 hours or opt out permanently.

The Usage Meter context menu provides quick access to tabs within the meter. To launch the meter's context menu: 

a. Find the Usage Meter icon in your system tray (Windows) or menu bar (Mac). 

b. Right-click the icon (Windows) or click the icon (Mac) to launch the context menu.

Purchasing Data Tokens

You can purchase additional Data Tokens by clicking the Purchase Data Tokens button on any tab of the Usage Meter. Once you have navigated to the Purchase Data Tokens tab, click "Purchase" next to whichever amount of bandwidth you need. 

The Usage Meter system tray icon for both Mac and Windows changes based on the amount of data you have used. The table to the right describes the different states 

Note: Any data you have from Data Tokens will not impact the state of the Usage Meter tray icon, but your token balance will show in the Usage Meter itself.

Notice: The Usage Meter will no longer be supported after 8/1/2020. Download the Mobile App in the App store or Google Play to track data usage, purchase tokens and view your bill.