8 tips to use when working from home

HughesNet Tips:
Things to consider when you work online remotely

In the event you need to work from home, there are a few things you should know when using satellite Internet.

#1. Everything you do online uses data. Track your data usage on myHughesNet.com or on the HughesNet Mobile App to avoid exceeding your service plan data. Also, directly connecting to the modem via a LAN cable usually delivers a faster speed than if you connect over wireless.

#2. To conserve data, consider disconnecting devices from the Internet that are not currently being used. For example, smart TVs may perform updates when you are not aware. You can do this by going to each devices' settings and disconnecting from your Wi-FI. Also, consider reducing the sensitivity and video quality on your motion detection security cameras. Read 4 ways to better use Security Cameras . Utilize the Bonus Zone for devices that can be updated overnight. 

#3. If you exceed your service plan data, we won’t cut you off or charge you more but you may experience slower speeds in the range of 1-3 MBPS until your next data cycle. Read about No Hard Data Limits.

#4. If you use a Virtural Private Network (VPN) client to connect to your company's network and use office applications on your PC, you may experience slow browsing. Disconnect from the VPN when you don't need to use it return to full speed.

#5. If you are experiencing an inconsistent signal, it may be because your device is too far away from the modem. You can try bringing the device closer to the modem to see if that helps.  In the event this doesn’t resolve the issue, you may want to purchase a Hughes Wi-Fi Booster to enhance your satellite signal throughout your home.

#6. Data Tokens are an excellent way to restore speed if you happen to exceed your service plan data before your next data cycle reset. 

#7. Use audio-only mode with conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, WebEx, Teams and Google Hangouts to save data.

#8. HughesNet Voice (Voice over IP) will work well and does not use your data. Read HughesNet Voice frequently asked questions (FAQs).