Daytime Data for HughesNet for Business customers

HughesNet® for Business customers have additional Daytime Data available to them during the hours of 8am-6pm local time.  This data is in addition to the Anytime Data offered with your Service Plan. The amount of Anytime Data you receive is determined by the service plan to which you subscribe. Find out how much Anytime Data you receive here. Use this additional plan data for anything you want to do online to download large files like movies, system updates for your computer, tablet, or smartphone—and more.

What is the difference between Anytime Data and Daytime Data?

You will consume your Anytime Data whenever you use the Internet. However, during the hours of 8am-6pm your Daytime Data will automatically be used. Your usage can be viewed on and on the HughesNet Mobile App.

How do I use Daytime Data?

It’s easy- you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of this! During the Daytime Data hours (8am-6pm), your service will automatically use the additional plan data instead of using your Anytime Data. 

How much Daytime Data do I receive with my plan? (requires sign in)

If you exceed your data, we won't cut you off or charge you more. You will stay connected at reduced speeds, typically 1-3 Mbps.


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