How do I create, view and manage my HughesNet email?

Did you know you can have up to 10 HughesNet email addresses? Here are some tips to set up your email and manage your accounts.

With HughesNet you get 10 email accounts with 10 GB of storage per account, plus you can send and receive 25 MB attachments.  Access your email while away from home using an Internet connection.

Create your HughesNet email account

Sign in or register on Then click on ‘My Account’ and then ‘Profile’ on the second menu.


Under the ‘HughesNet Login(s)’ box, click on the ‘Add email account’. Complete your information and desired email address and click ‘ok’.




View your email

Easily access your email in one-click from the header or click here . You will need to sign in to access your email.

You can also access your email from your mobile device.  Click here to learn more. 

Add other email addresses to your HughesNet email

In your HughesNet email, click on ‘Preferences’ on the top tab.  Then click ‘Accounts’ on the left menu.

Click on ‘Add External Account’ and enter your email information from your other account including the email address and your password. Click ‘IMAP’ on the radio button. In the Download Messages area, you can also choose to receive your email in one inbox folder or in separate folders.


When you have completed your information, click ‘Add external account’ again. You will see the information in your list of email accounts.

Manage or delete your HughesNet email account(s)

Email addresses can be managed through ‘My Account’ by signing in on If you would like to update your password, reset your information or change your security questions, you can do so by clicking on ‘Manage’ next to the email address you want to modify. To delete an email address, click ‘Delete’ next to the email you wish to delete. You will need to validate your account by typing in your password before continuing.