What Should I Do if My Card is Declined

If your method of payment was declined, read some frequently asked questions to resolve your outstanding balance.

Why is my credit card being declined?

Contact your financial institution for more details. It could be as simple as your card has expired.

How can I update the credit card information you have on file for my account?

The best way to update your payment method is on myHughesNet.com.  Sign in or Register to access all your account information. Click on 'My Account' at the top of the page and then click  'Account Information'. Find Payment Type at the bottom of the page.

If I update the credit card information via myHughesNet.com, will the total balance due on my account be charged to the updated card?

Yes, the updated credit card will be charged the full amount due within three calendar days following your update.

I am unable to access myHughesNet.com. Who can I call?

Call Customer Care at 866-347-3292. HughesNet for Business Customers call 800-347-3272. Use the voice prompts to check your balance and change your credit card information.  If you are not comfortable with using an automated system, you can follow the number prompt to speak to a live representative to assist you.

What will happen if I do not update my credit card information?

If you have an overdue balance on your account that is not resolved within 7 days, your HughesNet account will be suspended. If this matter is not resolved your account may be canceled and you will be responsible for the overdue amount and any contract termination fees. You can review your subscriber agreement at http://legal.hughesnet.com/

What if I don’t have a valid credit card at this time?

You may call Customer Care toll free at 866-347-3292 to make an electronic check payment (direct debit) for the balance due.