Creating a HughesNet Account Using Google+

1) Click the Google+ social network button.

2) Sign in with your Google account credentials.

3) Once you log in, HughesNet SkyLogin will ask for access to your Google+ account. Click "Allow" if you agree to share the account information it lists. This is a normal step that is required to register. Sensitive information, such as your password, will not be shared. 

4) You will be prompted to enter your site account number (SAN) and phone number associated with the account. If you do not know your SAN, you can find it on your monthly statement.

Click "Continue".

5) Your Google+ sign-on is now associated with your HughesNet account. When signing into your HughesNet account in the future, you can use your Google+ credentials. 

Type in your Internet browser to sign into your account.