What are Data Tokens?

Data Tokens are available in four different sizes to give you the additional data you need. Data Tokens do not expire and will remain available until they have been used.
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What are Data Tokens?
Need more data? Learn how Data Tokens bring your service back up to full speed if you have exceeded your monthly data plan.

Need more data?

Running low? Used it all up? Welcome to Data Tokens.

If you exceed your monthly service plan data, you will stay connected at reduced speeds until the next billing cycle. You may also purchase a Data Token that provides additional data to restore your service to full speed. 

Data Tokens are available in four sizes. 





Here's How Data Tokens Work:

Purchase Data Tokens from your myHughesNet.com account or on the Mobile App. As soon as you purchase a Data Token, any speed restrictions will be immediately removed from your service!

How Many Data Tokens Do I Have Available?

Check your Service Plan Data and Data Tokens balance at any time on the Usage page of your myHughesNet.com account, and on the Usage tab on The Mobile App.