What is Service Plan Data?

(Formerly Anytime Data)

HughesNet® service plans are delivered via our network of high-capacity satellites, including EchoStar XVII and EchoStar XIX, which use innovative Jupiter™ high-throughput technology to optimize speed and performance.

How is my data allocated?

Service Plan Data (formerly called Anytime Data) is delivered monthly and resets each month on the day of your next data cycle . Current plans include your monthly Service Plan Data and additional data available during the Bonus Zone (residential customers 2am-8am local time). Learn more about the Bonus Zone.

When does my Service Plan Data replenish?

The data cycle is typically based on the day you activated your service. For a new customer, that may mean that your data cycle and billing cycle are the same. For customers who have upgraded, you likely have a billing cycle and a data cycle that do not coincide. Your data will be replenished on the date your new data cycle begins.

For example, your billing date and data cycle may occur simultaneously on the 5th of each month, if you originally activated your service on May 5th.

What counts towards my Service Plan Data?

Anything you do online, including but not limited to:

  • Streaming video (Netflix, You Tube, etc)

  • Downloading photos, videos, MP3 files, or documents

  • Uploading files (photos, YouTube videos, etc)

  • Browsing (Facebook, etc)

  • Software updates (antivirus protection, Microsoft/Windows updates, Apple iOS updates, etc)

  • Online gaming (including Facebook games)

  • Voice over IP (Ooma, Vonage, etc)

How can I monitor my data usage?

There are three ways to view and monitor your usage.

1. The Usage Meter – Read more here.

2. MyHughesNet.com – Sign in or register on myHughesNet.com and click on ‘Usage’ under 'My Account’.

3. HughesNet Mobile App – Download now. Android | iOS