How can I make my Home Page?

Make myHughesNet your start page for instant access to news and entertainment, HughesNet email, data usage and more.

myHughesNet is your place for the latest in news and entertainment.

The HughesNet portal is:

Dynamic — Quicker access to more content; bigger, bolder images

Mobile-Friendly — An all-new, easy-to-use mobile experience

Social — Share what you want, even faster

Infinitely Entertaining — Infinite scrolling brings never-ending news, video and more

Convenient — Easy access to your email

Custom – Enter your zipcode to receive your local news and weather

How can I make this my Internet start page?

From your Internet browser, go to the ‘settings’ menu.

On Startup, select the option to ‘open a specific page or set of pages’.

Click the ‘Set pages’ hyperlink and enter the url

Click ‘OK’ and exit from settings. The next time you open your internet browser, you will go directly to