Understanding My HughesNet Bill

View your billing information online
HughesNet Helpers:Viewing your invoice online

HughesNet bills in advance for your service. If you make a change to your service plan or add or cancel additional services during the billing cycle, that change will be reflected on your next bill. If you upgrade your plan in the middle of a cycle, your billing for the next month will include the charge of upgrading your plan, along with any applicable credit for your previous plan. 

What are my charges?

This is a sample HughesNet Bill:

Your Service Plan charge, Equipment Lease (if you did not purchase your equipment), as well as optional services like Express Repair and HughesNet Voice are all recurring monthly fees. These charges will remain the same each month unless you make a change on your account, or if you are benefitting from a promotion which only extends for a limited time. 

If you have a promotion with your plan, such as a discount every month, the discount will show as a monthly credit that reflects your promotion. The ‘(1 of 12)’ shows that this is the 1st month of a 12-month promotion. If your bill says ‘(12 of 12)’, that means this is the last month you will receive your special promotion. 

If you have a ‘One Time Credit’, that means that the discount showing will only be applied to this month’s bill. Similarly, a ‘One Time Fee’ will only apply for this month. 

The total amount you are paying for the month will appear at the bottom of the bill where it says Total. 

For instructions on how to view and pay your bill, click here.