HughesNet customers will learn the basics about their Satellite Internet service plan, billing date, how to view their bill, update payment method, and how to contact support. This 2-minute video is a must see for anyone new to HughesNet. ▶
Customize your HughesNet email and SMS text communication preferences ▶
HughesNet is committed to protecting the privacy of its subscribers. Review the Subscriber Privacy Policy at any time here .
Click here to learn more about how our billing works and the charges on your HughesNet bill.▶
Click here to learn how to sign in and out of your myHughesNet account.▶
If you have evaluated your internet usage and determined that a modification to your existing plan is needed, it is easy to switch from your myHughesNet.com online account. Learn more ▶
Click here to learn about Autopay, how to update your payment method, and how to cancel Autopay.▶
You can change your billing address, email address and phone number online at any time.▶
Stay in control with the updated HughesNet mobile app! HughesNet Customers can get immediate access to a wide range of account information right from their mobile phone or tablet. ▶
Here is how to modify your account password. ▶